Episode 163

How to Segment and Strategize Your Accounts

Prospecting to your accounts doesn’t have to be a blind game of darts. The key lies in strategic segmentation. Because with all your prospects—and limited time—it’s vital to prioritize effectively. 

In fact, this prioritization could be the main factor in achieving your end of year quota. 

In this Daily Sales Show episode, we will offer a hands-on guide on segmenting your accounts, the importance of tiering, and how to optimize your outreach. So you can equip yourself to surpass your quotas and end the year strong. 

What You'll Learn:
  • Why you should “bucket” your accounts in EOQ
  • Key categories for segmenting your prospects
  • Tactics to align your segmented lists with daily, weekly, and monthly outreach goals 

The Speakers:

Leslie Douglas and Maria Bross

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